Crossover: Set, Umamusume! - Pretty Derby English Booster Boxer

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Releases on 12/08/2023.


1 pack: 8 cards
1 box: 16 packs

Cards Included
Cards by Rarity (84 in total)
B (Bronze): 32
S (Silver): 19
G (Gold): 13
L (Legendary): 20
*In addition, there are a total of 64 foiled versions of Bronze, Silver, and Gold cards.
*Each pack will contain at least one Gold card or better.

Special Foils (39 in total)
SP (Special): 19
SL (Super Legendary): 20
*Special cards are foiled versions of base-rarity cards with a different frame design.
*Super Legendary cards are foiled versions of Legendary cards with a different frame design.

Leader Cards: 8
Carrot Cards: 1
Evolution Point Cards: 49

Hot-stamped Signature Cards
A total of 19 cards with hot-stamped signatures from 13 members of the cast are included at random!
Some members have hot-stamped signature cards for both the normal and evolved followers!
Azumi Waki (Special Week)
Marika Kohno (Silence Suzuka)
Machico (Tokai Teio)
Lynn (Maruzensky)
Tomoyo Takayanagi (Oguri Cap)
Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
Chisa Kimura (Daiwa Scarlet)
Saori Onishi (Mejiro McQueen)
Rika Kinugawa (Narita Brian)
Manaka Iwami (Rice Shower)
Sumire Uesaka (Agnes Tachyon)
Hitomi Ohwada (Smart Falcon)
Romi Park (Riko Kashimoto)